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Technology occasionally comes with corruption; therefore, we also provide anti-drone solutions enclosing detection, jamming and shooting with a sophisticated equipment specifically designed to combat illegal and/or un-authorized drone invasion and protect key areas and personnel from potential attacks or spy.


Our anti-drone solutions are designed to detect, track, and neutralize unauthorized drone activity. Using advanced technology, our equipment is capable of efficiently identifying and locating drones in the vicinity of protected areas.

The detection system utilizes radar, radio frequency scanners, and optical sensors to identify the presence of drones. It provides real-time alerts, allowing security personnel to respond promptly and appropriately.

The jamming system is employed to disrupt the communication between the drone and its operator, rendering it incapable of completing its mission. By blocking the remote control signals or GPS signals, the drone loses control and is forced to land or return to its point of origin.

In instances where immediate action is required, our anti-drone solution also includes shooting capabilities. This feature enables authorized personnel to remotely take down intruding drones by using non-lethal methods such as nets or directed energy to disable or capture them safely.

Our anti-drone solutions are particularly crucial for protecting key areas and personnel from potential attacks or espionage. By deterring and neutralizing illegal and unauthorized drone operations, we ensure the safety and security of our clients.